America’s Weakness

In the quest for the achievement of an advance of Ideological goals in the political arena , tactics employed at any given time , represent an effort to achieve an objective that is obtainable in the circumstances of the dynamics present .

When one is faced with the prospect of achieving an objective of great magnitude , but having very little in the manner of resources to implement for such a struggle then it becomes necessary to employ measures that can offer an advantage in spite of the lack of great resources with which to conduct the campaign .

Thus it then becomes paramount to utilize the energy of the opponent , through agitation , by which the opponent will unknowingly be drawn out to expose their not so well understood nature ( by the masses ) into the full open , where even , the not so perceptive masses may then see what should have been obvious to them from the beginning .

In the insipid farce , known as elections , in the United States there is the usual standard routine of putting on a great show that somehow the people actually have a say in the direction their country will take by voting for one of the candidates put forth by the system i.e. the Jew run media and the Jew run economic mafias .

Of course the truth is , that it is all a facade , for a Jew run system that continues to run business as usual no matter which candidate is chosen .

This is a matter that all serious Revolutionaries understand .

However , the serious Revolutionary also understands that opportunities arise for the attainment of vital strategic objectives , to be made , by utilizing the public interests in the political discourse of the moment .

It was this recognition , that prompted White Revolutionary elements to begin the Tactical approach of reaching the masses of the American public with messages that is vital to their understanding , to wit , that the collection of various groups opposed to their interests were interconnected and run ( all of them ) by one very specific group , the Jews .

This message is a hard one for these masses to accept , due to their life long Pavlovian training , that conditioned them to run away from any discussion about Jews being an Alien and an Enemy .

But by persistent agitation of the Jews and their core defenders , the result was one that the Revolutionary knew and anticipated , to wit , that this camp of useful idiots would swarm in hostile reaction and spew forth their real contempt and hatred for all of White America and all Western Values .

Thus the inevitable reaction would become visible to the average American who would then see this amalgamation of anti-white forces all being supported or run directly by Jews at every turn .

This recognition of the Jew behind every attack on Our White Race and Western Culture is the understanding of Strategic necessity for Our People to come to terms with their predicament , namely that they are a part of an ongoing war between the Jew and the White Race .

It was for this reason that many “Twitter Nazis” began the systematic agitation of the Jews and began to ‘Meme’ support for Donald Trump as the candidate for White America and the one who would fight against the ‘Hillary’ crowd .

It worked . And it achieved a tremendous impact on the ‘national debate’ as the whole subject of ‘Race’ and ‘Antisemitism’ was brought forth culminating in ‘Hillary’ taking twenty minutes out of a major campaign speech to blast the Twitter Nazis , ‘the Alt Right’ . 

In the eyes of the uninformed average White American , Donald Trump was the ‘White Peoples’ candidate . 

By playing this theme up , the ‘Twitter Nazis’ were able to put themselves into a position whereby they had a large audience who would follow what they had to introduce into the political discussion . That introduction of course was a focus upon the element that the average ‘Goy’ had not yet noticed . The inevitable Jew behind the scene of every Anti White and Anti Western activity .

Thus a major objective of the White Revolutionary was achieved , the raising of the level of understanding of White Americans . And it was achieved by the meager means of simple determination and persistence in lieu of powerful resources .

The facts of political reality are , that we are now living under the era of a war being waged against the White Race , by the System , the System run by the Jew .

The lack of understanding this reality by the masses of White Americans was the Great Weakness of America !

In order for White People to fight for their own , they must be aware of Who they are fighting ! They have to understand that they are not fighting against a large hodgepodge of disconnected groups of Loonies and Degenerates and Haters , but that they in fact are fighting against One very connected and directed enemy . That enemy is implacable and determined to utterly destroy us . And that Enemy is the Jew !

The farce of the election is now over , and with it the political agitation of the ‘Left’ .

Now must come the real laying of the cards on the table . Now is the time to call a spade a spade .

In this case a Shill a Shill .

Yes White America , you in your ever simplistic ignorance have been had again . The Jews have taken you to the cleaners once more . 

True Revolutionaries knew from the beginning that Donald Trump was not the ‘White Peoples’ candidate , but we had to work within the confines of what White Americans at least felt to be true . And in a sense that alone is encouraging to see just how much White America is actually wanting a ‘White Peoples’ Leader .

As White Revolutionaries we can only hope that we have had the impact of driving the awareness of the insidious Jew , deep , into the consciousness of our people , because only when they are armed with the knowledge of their enemy can they stand against the onslaught that is now coming at them in increasing waves of magnitude and ferocity .

Now we must be direct and point out to these newly awakened ( at least partially ) elements , what we have tried to get them to understand for so long , that , the System is Rigged , and that it is a rigged system run by The Jews .

Now that you have seen for yourself that the Jews rally for every effort that will undermine and ultimately bring down your Western Civilization and Culture , now you must brace yourself for the full awakening on your part that you are engaged in a war , and yes indeed , it is a war against the Jews . The war , that either you will win , or you , and all that you love will perish in .

Dear White America , meet the real Donald Trump ;

359 trump jew boy

You see , it’s a Big Jew Gang , and you’re not in it !


The only antidote to the Jewish attack against us is the implementation of National Socialist thinking and being , i.e. being true to ourselves , being true Aryans . Being ourselves , as those bearers of a higher Culture , and never cowering before inferior tribes ever again .

With all power in the hands of the Jew , we have beaten them before and resurrected a National Aryan State and Culture , We Must do it again ! We Must always be ready to defend Our Folk !