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30.06 Speaks on the significance of the German National Revolution of January 30th 1933 , and how it relates to us today .

January 30th 2013



3o.06 Speaks on the decadence of modern day America and the forces behind it .

July 4th 2013


Deanna’s guest 30.06 , web publisher of No Time For Silence , Speaks about how Bolshevik Jews, Freemasons, Illuminists and traitors have subverted and conquered Christianity and Western Civilization over the past few centuries.

December 27th 2013


Deanna Spingola     30.06

Deanna Spingola and 30.06 examine the Jewish campaign of Hatred against Adolf Hitler , European Civilization , Culture and People .

20th April 2014


30.06 and Magyar Saxon appear as guests on the Deanna Spingola radio show , to discuss the life and activities of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell . August 25th 2014


Aryan Woman

Jackie Patru reviews the revival of Germany under the Leadership of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP .


Jackie Patru speaks on the reasons for the Demonization of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism .


Jackie Patru speaks about the forces arrayed against National Socialist Germany .