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Deanna Spingola and Dr. Betty Martini discuss the poison , distributed under the name , aspartame .

December 28th 2014


Deanna Spingola and Lynne Farrow discuss the Iodine deficiency in today’s foods , and the health destroying results , and what can be done to protect ones health .

December 28th 2014


Deanna Spingola and Dr. Arden Gifford discuss the growing Autism epidemic and the precursors driving it .

December 28th 2014


Deanna Spingola speaks on the ramifications of Disinformation , Censorship , and faulty research .

December 29th 2014


Susan Yarbrough speaks about the effort to free her Husband , Gary Yarbrough , from ZOG’s Federal Prison system , after he has been held for more than Thirty years now .

Gary Yarbrough    Gary Yarborough

January 4th 2015


Lana Lokteff     Dr. Matthew Buckley

Dr. Matthew Buckley joins Lana Lokteff of Radio3Fourteen to discuss How Monsanto is Destroying the Brains and Health of Everyone .

He has maintained a busy practice in Austin, Texas for the past 13 years and works with people of all ages interested in maximizing their health, and overcoming the modern scourge of all forms of chronic illness. We’ll discuss how all disease begins in the gut. The gut serves as approximately 70% of the immune system. It plays a significant role in not only our immune function, but also to our mental/emotional status according to a great deal of scientific research. Matthew explains how Monsanto’s product called Roundup contains a chemical called glyphosate, which is disrupting our microbiome. This disruption of our microbiome can result in an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, which triggers immune response, and this immune response would then trigger the brains immune cells, the microglia, to become overly active and degrade brain cells. He’ll describe this process, what amplifies it and what health consequences arise from it. Also, we address the issue of eating genetically modified organisms and the damage that arises from consuming them. Matthew talks about the politics of Monsanto and what we can do to stop the madness. Later on, Matthew talks about parasites, the creepy epidemic that is here now.   

December 24th 2014


Deanna Spingola interviews Alan Graham about his experience in healing himself through proper diet . 

August 21st 2013


Alan Graham returns to the air with Deanna Spingola , to give an overview of nutritional needs , and the right elements to include in the diet for optimal health .

September 12th 2013


Deanna Spingola is joined by Donna Schwenk to talk about Cultured foods .

October 8th 2013


Deanna Spingola and Jennifer Saleem discuss the benefits of Coconut Oil in the diet .

October 8th 2013

Ooops , technical problems prevented capturing the entire show with Jennifer Saleem . Her site , Hybrid Rasta Mama , can be found in the links section listed as Jennifer Saleem .


Deanna Spingola and Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel , Author of  The Whole Soy Story : The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food

August 20th 2013


Deanna Spingola appears on radio from Ireland with Delcroix discussing the lies taught as history , as well as a wide variety of world problems and the Jew Money Power behind it all .

November 2nd 2012