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Aryan Insights: Steve Frost on Colin Jordan


Steve Frost is the National Secretary for the British Movement the organisation that grew out of Colin Jordan’s National Socialist Movement. He is also the author of the official Colin Jordan biography and joins Aryan Insights today, to discuss the book and the life of Colin ‘Number One Nazi’ Jordan.

Colin was a good friend of Arnold Leese and continued the work that Leese had started, exposing the Jew and promoting the interests of White people everywhere. He started up the White Defence League which soon became the National Socialist Movement and was responsible for mass rallies that took place in the heart of London at Trafalgar Square. Colin was never out of the media and his stunts and escapades are still talked about to this day.

Steve details how Colin smuggled Commander George Lincoln Rockwell into Britain for the Cotswold camp, at the start of the World Union of National Socialists and how Colin was a close confidant of Rockwell, corresponding with him right up to the time of his assassination.

He also talks about how Colin was the first to start painting ‘Hitler Was Right’ everywhere, with the first instance being in huge lettering at the Berghof. While Colin was in Germany reminding the Germans of their glorious past, he was also smuggling National Socialist literature in to the people there and was well known to the surviving Reich aristocracy such as Rudolf Hess’s son and Heinrich Himmler’s daughter. Steve explains how Colin was held in high regard by the surviving members of the Third Reich and how he tirelessly campaigned for the freedom of those who were remaining in prison, being heavily involved in the erecting of a war memorial to Rudolf Hess which was wickedly destroyed by the most despicable of anti-fascists.

He also talks about Colin’s high-spirits and love of practical jokes, how he put his talent for hiding in places before springing out to surprise people to good use at anti-immigration rallies, suddenly emerging from the shadows to shout ‘Britain Awake’ or ‘Send them all back home!’

Steve also talks about the Spearhead, which saw both Colin Jordan and John Tyndall jailed for wearing political uniforms. The sense of self-discipline never left the groups that Jordan was involved with though, even if the uniforms did. British Movement always appear to be alert and security-conscious at demonstrations and Steve explains some of the ideology behind BM and how it has not changed over the years, despite the changes in leadership. The dispute between Colin Jordan and Mike Mclaughlin is also discussed and the lessons we can learn from that today.

Finally Steve talks about Jordan’s legacy to White Nationalism and how his influence is still being felt today. How there were many who loathed him for his in-your-face antics, but their names remain forgotten, while Jordan’s still brings a look of fear onto the faces of our foes.


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