Commander Rockwell

George Lincoln Rockwell ; National Socialist Champion .

Rockwell usn        Lt.CMDR. Rockwell 1951

March 9th 1918 Bloomington , Illinois – August 25th 1967 Arlington , Virginia

George Lincoln Rockwell was the first , to raise the Swastika Banner and openly proclaim adherence to the National Socialist Idea , in the postwar era . In the Dedication of his Autobiography “This Time The World” , to Adolf Hitler , he writes these words ;

“Like spiritual giants before you – you were cursed and driven to death by spiritual pygmies for daring to stand up for a new and vital truth . Your heroic people lie silent , bound in golden chains and torn between the two criminal gangs Bolsheviks and Zionists .

I helped to bomb and burn millions of your brave young men . Your blue-eyed young mothers were raped and murdered by Soviet and Negro savages . The millions of little blond boys and girls you loved so well lie smoldering in acres of devastation and ruin .

Millions of my fellow Americans , British , French and others of our racial comrades , all as ignorant as I once was , were slaughtered and maimed fighting for these same two filthy gangs of Zionists and Bolsheviks .

The Weltfeind cringes like the Devil at the sign of the cross . Your mighty spirit has inspired millions with the Holy Truth .

From all over the earth , faintly at first , comes the sound of marching boots – louder and louder they grow ! Listen ! They are singing ! “Die Fahne Hoch ! Die Reihen fest geshlossen !”

Out of the mud and slime of lies , your holy , red , white and black Swastika has been flung back into the skies in Virginia , United States of America , and we pledge you our lives , Adolf Hitler , that we shall not flag or fail until we shall have utterly destroyed the forces of Marxism and darkness .


George-Lincoln-Rockwell     Commander-George-Lincoln-Rockwell-of-the-American-Nazi-Party

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Rockwell_Photo_Young     Commander Rockwell with troopers  

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Rockwell rifle  tttw cover  White Power cover

Rockwell_at_Nation_of_Islam_Rally        Rockwell speaking at Nation of Islam Summit

George Lincoln Rockwell Checking his Mailbox        stormtrooper

george-lincoln-rockwell-vs-martin-luther-coon     Rockwell Mug Shot

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George Lincoln Rockwell Pointing a Finger to Camera  It is time for YOU , WHITE MAN , to GET MOTIVATED !



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Those Mitford girls  Deutsche Familie farbe

George Lincoln Rockwell

Rockwell Was Right