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The mainstream media is the whore of the governments that control them.   James Lancia


Our Culture , Faith , Security and Future are at stake . Politicians , Governments , Media , Universities , Hollywood, etc. are all pushing their insane ideaology and hatred for everything White , Male , Christian , whether it is in the U.S. or Europe. They are pushing for a Shitstorm that is Inevitable.   James Lancia






Febuary 10th 2016

Tonight James Lancia discusses the importance of putting our many differences aside and uniting as white Europeans for the survival of our race which has dwindled down from 25% of the global population in 1950 to a mere 8% presently. Then he talks to a member of Greece’s Golden Dawn who describes the movement that has their boots on the ground in their fight to take back their country, while putting their own differences aside. In the second hour, James speaks with an active duty police officer who reveals the true reason of why cops are silent, and that many cops are behind the public and take the Constitution seriously. European cops are a different matter because they are federalized. James explains the difference, and why we do not want federalized or militarized police here in America treating us all like a conquered foe.














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