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As you can see the Jews went freakin nuts over Evalions presentations of her views . Her youtube channel was attacked virulently by Leftists who flagged all her videos . Apparently they went after soundcloud and everywhere else that she had uploaded material . Her Twitter account was Shoah’d after only a few weeks just as her youtube and soundcloud account were . 

26 jews


Her views however were well received by many as she had soared to over Sixty Thousand subscribers on youtube in only four weeks . 

A most miraculous rise ! 

Even Donald Trump Retweeted her videos on his Twitter feed , which has over Nine Million followers . 

28 evalion trump retweet


In London the Daily Mail had a big write up about Evalion .

25 evalion dailymail


They even included a screenshot of her video thumbnails from youtube .

25 screenshot dailimail


Evalion’s words carried a great power !

25 evalion 2


28 evalion good fight


26 evalion


26 Truth


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25 white girls 13


Evalion’s videos can be seen here ; 

Evalion’s videos

and here ; Evalion’s latest videos

If you would like to help Evalion carry on her work for Our Race you can contribute some shekels to her here ; Send Shekels 


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Interviews with Evalion ;

Lana Lokteff interviews Evalion

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise with Evalion

Nationalist Review with Evalion


Message from Evalion 


Evalion now has a website !

Evalion is under heavy attack by Jewish Bolsheviks right now !  Stand Up for Evalion and all who speak the truth ! 

Evalion under attack