White Man ,

Defend Yourself  From The Jew !  

Your Family , Your Nation , Your Race ,

is depending ,  on Your ,

Courage and Loyalty !

The Time To Fight The Enemy Is Now !

Do Not Shame Your Ancestors ,

Do Not  Disgrace Yourself  ,

Do Not Fail Your Children .

Stand up and

drive the Enemy into the Sea !

Oswald Mosley          Sefton Delmer

For Generations , the People of Britannia , have been used , to Fatten the Beast of World Jewry .

feed the beast   Immigration jew

Now it can be clearly seen , who , and what , is the threat to the White Race , Stand Up and Fight !

Reclaim Your Land !



AntiSemite !  Feed this No More !

Otherwise your children’s future , will be only , a hopeless Nightmare ! 

Is this what you want to see , in their future ?

Police chase

Simply for being of ,

the hated White Race .

Stand Up and Fight !

There is a much better way !

white girls 36          Colin Jordan wedding

Joshua Bonehill          Lion gotcha