Page 2 – No Time For Silence

AHsp2  Not only were the Folk under siege from an International Parasitic body , but within , it was plagued with an incompetence and a lack of clear vision .

Germany had lost it’s mooring and it would require a champion with an entirely new and revolutionary view . A new Ideal , with a Folk Community that understood completely that it was No Time For Silence !

AHsp5 Adolf Hitler spoke with reason and passion , and stood firm for his beloved Folk . He spoke the truth when others fell silent . He spoke to the Folk , and put forth a glaring call to action . He attracted those who were ready to fight for the Folk against all odds . Those elements that would not falter in the face of adversity , who would never tire of the struggle for victory . Those who would never weaken , those who would never capitulate , knowing that it was No Time For Silence !

SA Kameraden     SAmenwithFahne

ao3yq0 Adolf Hitler created a movement which brought together the most Loyal elements of the Nation , to fight for the victory of the Folk ! These were the ones who would serve the Folk with steadfast devotion . The best men and women brought together , by one man , with a determination to rescue his people in their greatest hour of need . The devotion of Adolf Hitler inspired the best elements to stand up and throw themselves into the fight for a new Germany . Many Hundreds of them , 555 members of the Stormtroops alone , and Hundreds of other Party Members , Men and Women , Children and Elderly , Murdered by Redfront and Reaction .  This loyal band of fighters knew very well , it was No Time For Silence !

Goebbels1      Goering - Karl Bauer

Kunst 95                    Kunst 94

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