Page 3 – Freedom and Bread

The long years of terror , deprivation and repression have sifted out a hard kernel of men from among the German people , their faces marked with an iron resolution .

Unfurl the banner proudly , so that our foes can see it ;

We’ll always be triumphant , if we but stand together .

Ten thousand hearts , and a single beat !

The bravest men of Germany signed up to fight for Adolf Hitler’s banner .
With Courage and an iron discipline , with an unyielding devotion to Adolf Hitler and the German people , they stood against the terror of the left and the repression of the right . They were the stalwart defenders of the Folk . With Faith and Devotion they served their people with Heroic effort and Sacrifice .

der-kampf-geht-weiter                     Adolf Hitler SA Marschiert

One name came to symbolize the martyrdom of the many hundreds of National Socialist adherents murdered by Redfront and Reaction ; HORST WESSEL . The poem that he had penned just shortly before his Assassination became the lyrics to the official anthem of the National Socialist German Workers Party . 

Horst Wessel Portrait Large - NSDAP - Sturmabteilung                                Kunst 70


30.06 Speaks on the significance of the German National Revolution of January 30th 1933 , and how it relates to us today .

Adolf Hitler - photo   

In the Berlin Sports Palace Dr. Goebbels opens a mass meeting from which Adolf Hitler addresses the Nation over German radio


The Party of Faith and Determination would not be denied .

1933 brings forth a new day , the day of Freedom and Bread !

Against all odds the NSDAP emerges as the Party of the German Nation .


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The eternal pessimists and complainers have never rescued a people, but they have ruined numerous peoples, states, and kingdoms . Adolf Hitler 
Revolutionary victories are achieved only by persistent activism , never by idle complaint . Adolf Hitler
The state is a means to an end . It’s end lies in the preservation and advancement of a community of physically and psychically homogeneous creatures . This preservation itself comprises first of all existence as a race and thereby permits the free development of all the forces dormant in this race . Of them a part will always primarily serve the preservation of physical life , and only the remaining part the promotion of a further spiritual development . Actually the one always creates the precondition for the other .
States which do not serve this purpose are misbegotten , monstrosities in fact . The fact of their existence changes this no more than the success of a gang of bandits can justify robbery .
We National Socialists as champions of a new philosophy of life must never base ourselves on so-called ‘accepted facts’ – and false ones at that . If we did , we would not be the champions of a new great idea , but the coolies of the present-day lie . We must distinguish in the sharpest way between the state as a vessel and the race as it’s content . This vessel has meaning only if it can preserve and protect the content ; otherwise it is useless .
Adolf Hitler


All you have to do , to discover your true path to freedom , is to ask yourself ; Who is it , that I am not allowed to Praise ?     30.06