Richard Biederman

I Had A Loyal Comrade 

None Better Will You Find 

Richard Louis Biederman was my best friend and comrade . We were a team , we worked well together . We were of one mind and one spirit . He was the wiser one , I was the reckless one . 

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He was the best .


He was born in Milaca Minnesota June 19 1951 .

He grew up on a farm there on the prairie and loved the hard work and the farm life .

But his sense of duty led him to join the National Headquarters Staff of the National Socialist White Peoples Party in 1969 .

He quickly distinguished himself as an exceptional fighter and leader of men as a member of the Party Stormtroop Organization .

In 1974 he was overwhelmed with a passion to go and help the White people of Rhodesia who were under attack from Communist Terrorists . The atrocities being committed against isolated farm families by the terrorists drove him to a determination to go there and join the Rhodesian Army .

He became a Sergeant in C Squadron Rhodesian Special Air Service .

He spent over three and a half years fighting in the bush for the security of White Rhodesians .

He was killed in action on December 5 1977 .

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