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Commander Rockwell started a magazine for the wives of US Serviceman in the 50’s when he lived in Boothbay Harbor Maine .

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Commander Rockwell sailing the Atlantic off the Maine coast .

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After the Assassination of Commander Rockwell , young Idealists , filled with a vision of a new America , joined Commander Rockwell’s National Socialist White People’s Party , and as young Stormtroopers took on the responsibilities of  carrying on the struggle for White Racial Survival . They carried forth the banner of Adolf Hitler’s Revolutionary Racial Idealism , into the streets of America , directly confronting the Marxist enemies of the White Race . Bloody battles between Stormtroops and the Marxist Mobs became commonplace . 

Here we see an Eighteen year old Richard Louis Biederman from the prairie of Minnesota being dragged away by Capital Police ( Washington D.C. )

after smashing Red Goons ( Dockworkers from the New York City Progressive Labor Party ) at a big Red Rally in D.C. in 1969 .

He still holds his Blackjack ( wrapped in Visqueen sheeting ) , you can see the look of Triumphant pride in his face as he stood tall for his race and for Commander Rockwell .

102 Beiderman Nazis-in-Washington-DC-on-May-9-1970.-Hulton-Archive

Here is the Publisher of this website as an Eighteen year old Stormtrooper with Staff Duties at the National Headquarters of the NSWPP in Arlington Virginia .

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Commander Rockwell

George Lincoln Rockwell