Day of German Art

The Day of German Art



Adolf Hitler As Painter and Artist





The decadent ‘Art’ of Jewish Intellectualism is swept away ! The German Volk have recovered the Art of their own Volk . The Art that can only emanate from the European Soul . An art that conveys the healthy and the beautiful that is natural to our race . An art which reveals a true appreciation of the natural order .

maio-1936    Emile Munier - La Baigneuse  Emile Munier - Her Best Friend _1882_   DAUGHTERS   Morgan Weistling - Goats and Roses Morgan Weistling - Emmie_s Rose Paula_Hitleraphrodite






The following film is Post-War , so therefore the required Politically Correct Slant must be presented . Even so , one can see that modern technological achievements were the norm in the Third Reich . This is an interesting film on the development of television in the Reich . Something entirely new at the time .


   Munchausen 2