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ITEL Radio Full Show 4.8.17


Published April 8, 2017

Hour 1 – News and Current Events

Hour 2 – Guest, Monika Shaefer

Hour 3 – Guest, Michael Thomas Goodrich & Taylor McClain

ITEL Radio Full Show 4.01.17

Published April 1, 2017
Topics News

Hour 1 – US Secretary of State Tillerson in Turkey

Hour 2 – Guest “Par” from Sweden on War Against Sweden

Hour 3 – Challenges in Exposing Jewish Power

ITEL Radio Full Show 3.25.17

Published March 25, 2017
Topics News

Hour 1 – Social costs of “security” decisions

Hour 2 – DC’s Missing Black Kids

Hour 3 – Aeonic War of Jews against the West

ITEL Radio Full Show 3.18.17


Published March 18, 2017
Topics Brizer

Hour 1 – Faux Jewish Patriotism

Hour 2Guest: Brizer from Ireland

Hour 3 – Parade of Politicians to Trump, Turkey’s War on Europe

ITEL Radio Full Show 3.11.17


Published March 11, 2017

Hour 1 – CIA and Protection of Deep State

Hour 2 – Vault 7

Hour 3 – Dangers of Philo-Semitism

ITEL Radio Full Show 3.4.17


Published March 4, 2017
Topics News,

Hour 1 – The EU’s Soft Declaration of War on the US

Hour 2 – Yemen and Syria, “War on Terror”

Hour 3 – Trump’s State of the Union Address, Listener Calls

ITEL Radio Full Show 2.25.17


Topics Renouf

Hour 1Trump at CPAC

Hour 2 – Guest: Lady Michèle Renouf

Hour 3 – Lady Michèle Renouf

ITEL Radio Full Show 2.18.17


Topics News

Hour 1California Flooding, Trump Press Conference with Netanyahu

Hour 2Trump Solo Press Conference and Assault on Media

Hour 3Purging the State Dept.’s “Deep State”

ITEL Radio Full Show 2.11.17


Topics Jews

Hour 1 – Jewish Infiltration of UK, London’s Anti-Semitic Definition Adoption

Hour 2The Octopus and the Cod – Esoteric Politics

Hour 3Cal Berkeley and the Lunatic Left

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