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HIGH ENERGY shitposting from night one of TRSTLEMANIA.

-Mike Enoch gets knighted as a White Space Marine
-Jim Vicar joins the panel for some savage bantz

In the second half, the cast of the Fatherland take the stage with Seventh Son for even more shitposting.

This episode ain’t pretty guys, but war never is.


Caerulus and Vendetta are joined by Becky, director of research for Project Purge, who is also an American living in Europe. In the 2nd and 3rd period they are joined by some good goys from the west coast.


Caerulus and Vendetta are joined by Asgardian to discuss getting in shape for RaHoWa. Erica (formerly FacMagnaAmerica) joins in for the 2nd and 3rd hours. We did everything from gym posting to autistic sci-fi posting this week .



Published on Apr 8, 2017

Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and dozens of other Alt-Righters showed up in Washington DC to protest President Donald Trump’s Syrian Missile Strike against Bashar Al Assad on Saturday night.




This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m your host Musonius Rufus. Joining me are my cohosts Mencken’s Ghost and Ryan McMahon. For our 53rd episode of Rebel Yell, Ryan Landry returns to the programme.



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